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If you’ve had an interest in Japanese cuisine, then join us at our cooking class. Cooking Osaka provides Japanese foods with cooking activities and walking tours in English.

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Enjoy Osaka takoyaki
Cook from scratch

Duration: 4 hours

●Price: 8,800 yen

Location Type

Full Dining Cooking Studio

2 Unobe, Ibaraki Osaka, Japan

●Meeting Location:

(JR) Ibaraki station

(Osaka Monorail) Unobe station
or (Hankyu) Ibaraki-si station
The other Meeting Locations

In this class, Japanese white flour will be used for this popular street food that originated in Osaka. You will make octopus dumplings from scratch with Japanese white flour, fish stock and red ginger.

During this class, you’ll learn to cook a full meal from scratch including fish stock with dried bonito flakes. Preparing outstanding fish stock is the fundamental key for Japanese food as it adds the distinctive savory flavour.

Takoyaki is the main entrée dish you’ll learn to make in this class. It is a popular local food that originated in Osaka. We’ll be making Takoyaki with my recipe to ensure that your Takoyaki comes out crunchy on the outside while remaining moist and doughy on the inside. But that’s not all! You will also learn how to make homemade mayonnaise and pickled ginger.  Don’t forget to bring your appetite!


If you have a food allergy or food restriction, please tell me in advance.  I will try to arrange my recipes for you as much as possible.