Making Obento and Picnic

If you would like to experience obento-making when you visit Japan, read the following information for more details.

Make small dishes for your obento, then let’s go on a picnic at the Expo ‘70 national park.

Obento Experience

Duration: 5 hours

Price: 10,000円

Location Type:

Full Dining Cooking Studio

2 Unobe, Ibaraki Osaka, Japan

Meeting Location:

(JR) Ibaraki station, (Osaka Monorail) Unobe station or (Hankyu) Ibaraki-si station

Come spring, with the sakura season in full bloom, there is no better time for a hanami picnic! Hanami is the custom of flower viewing, usually done with friends and family, by having a picnic in the park to appreciate the beauty of the flowers. Come join us as we go on a cycling tour and enjoy a hanami picnic in one of Osaka’s most beautiful parks! The Expo ’70 Commemorative Park is a huge national park, which lies in the north of Osaka, a residential area not commonly patronized by tourists. The park spans 260 hectares and is one of Osaka’s most popular sakura viewing spots. Before heading to the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, we will begin our cycling tour from JR Ibaraki Station. We will be stopping at a cooking studio along the way to make our own bento lunches! This short cooking class will only take an hour, and with the simple recipes and instructions provided, you can recreate these cute bento boxes easily in the future as well. Once we have our bento boxes packed and ready to go, we will then cycle to the park for our hanami session. Enjoy your homemade bento lunch as you revel in the beauty of the cherry blossoms. After lunch, we will take an hour-long stroll around the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park. Within the park lies the famous Tower of the Sun, a massive piece of art designed by the famous artist,
Other things to note
If you have food allergies or restrictions, please let me know in advance.