Japanese Pescatarian Cooking

Pescatarian cooking with Japanese seasonal ingredients

Enjoy grilled fish, miso soup with fish stock, and others.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: 10,000 yen

Location Type:

Full Dining Cooking Studio

2 Unobe, Ibaraki Osaka, Japan

Meeting Location:

(Osaka Monorail) Unobe station

This class is featuring JP wellness lifestyle with simple pescatarian cooking including how to prepare fish for grilling, how to make stock with fish bone and heads, and to citrus dressing salad. The grilled fish will be served with grated daikon (radish).

Terumi will add other small traditional dishes including fermented foods like amazake, natou, miso soup, pickles, and others.

1) Terumi will meet at Unobe station (宇野辺駅)of Osaka Monorail. This place is a residential area between the centers of Kyoto and Osaka. (About 20 min from both areas)

2) We will go to Terumi’s cooking studio which is a typical Japanese apartment. 5 min away from Unobe station. She will meet you in front of the gate of Unobe station.

3) Enjoy welcome organic sencha (green tea) brewed with cold . Natural mineral water is prepared as well.

4) Let’s start cooking with preparing fish for grilling and stock.

Please use an apron as you wish.

5) After cooking, enjoy meditation eating at her dining.

6) Enjoy kuzu sweet with kinako (roasted soy bean powder) with a bowl of matcha.

Terumi will tell you how you eat for your smooth digestion showing text. You can bring back all the recipes and one roll of water-absorbent sheet for fish cooking. So you can do what you learn when you are back home.