Making bento!!

bento is a packed lunch to go to school or work in Japan. 

The best thing is we can eat the well-balanced foods we love to eat, in the amounts we want!!

When we were small, my mom got up early every morning to make obento dishes for her kids and pack them into our favourite bento boxes.

The obento box shown in the picture is my current favourite obento box called a magewappa made of thin sheets of cypress. It balances the steam to make all the foods even tastier.

Magewappa is one of the beautiful traditional Japanese woodcrafts usually sold in department stores or obento box shops. 

For obento making, we cook bite-sized foods, just one or two mouth fulls each, and pack them in a box. A great obento is colourful, like shown in the pictures. Another important rule for mom is that the obento box should be empty after finishing eating.

Vegetable punches or seaweed punch can really help make obento beautiful and use foods in season!!

If you would like to experience obento-making when you visit Japan, click the following button for more details.


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